Revo® products are used and talked about from around the world! Here are just a few of our Revo® fan's HOW-TO-USE videos!

Even if you are still unsure or have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime via email!


In English!

And a few in Portuguese!





  1. Place RevoBeard with the desired style on your beard or neckline. Use the black triangles as indicators.
  2. Begin trimming along the curve with a trimmer or blade.
  3. For the opposite cheek, repeat the steps, and use the indicators to ensure symmetry.
  4. For the step-cut rotate RevoBeard upside down and use a beard trimmer to trim along the edges to give you that sharp look!
  5. Use the curved side of RevoBeard to shape your neckline! Trim alongside the bottom of RevoBeard to give you that cleaned neckline.
  6. Enjoy your fresh looking beard!


  1. Place RevoGoatee upright on your face, lining it up to where you want to trim. 
  2. Begin trimming along the edges with a trimmer or blade. Trim the sides of the goatee and the top and bottom of your mustache.
  3. Rotate the Goatee and place below your chin to complete the goatee neckline.
  4. Enjoy your G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) Goatee!


  1. Use RevoHair's curves to line up your hairline,  whether it is above your ear or around your temples.
  2. Use RevoHair's straight edge to line up your side-part and the back of your neckline.
  3. Use the rectangular gap to give yourself a taper line on the side of your head. Place RevoHair where you want to shave and trim inside of the rectangular gap to give yourself taper lines.  
  4. Always look great with our multi-use comb!
  5. All the edges are tapered so using a buzzer, trimmer, or razor will work perfectly.