Our Story

Everyone has experienced the struggle of grooming themselves with the fear of making a mistake. Did I shave or cut too short? Is it symmetrical? Do I even look good? The worries just go on and on...

Fear no more with our revolutionary Revo® products!

Revo® products give you the essential tools to give you that fresh look and perfect grooming experience while saving money! All our products are originally designed by our founders whose only goal is to better your grooming life and save you money. 

As two college students who have struggled grooming ourselves, we made Revo® products to help us look our best at all times and save money! These products help build confidence in our looks, and we want to share it with all you! We are constantly learning and brainstorming new innovative ideas to make the grooming experience much more pleasant and we are happy to welcome you to the Revo® Family!